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Sno Cone Machine

Sno Cone Machine

    • Actual Size: 3x2
    • Setup Area: 3x2
    • Outlets: 1

    • $72.00
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Sno-Kone machine rental is a popular concession that is used to make shaved ice for refreshing snow cones. The machine consists of a motorized blade that shaves ice into fine snow-like texture, a storage compartment for ice, and a dispenser for flavored syrup. Snow cones are a popular treat for kids and adults alike, especially during hot summer months or at outdoor events such as fairs and carnivals.

To make a snow cone, the user simply fills the machine with ice and turns it on. The motorized blade shaves the ice into a soft and fluffy texture, which is then dispensed into a cup or cone. The user can then add their preferred flavor of syrup to the snow cone to create a sweet and refreshing treat.
Sno-Kone machine complete with supplies for 30 people and 1 flavor included . You just need to supply the ice.

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